1. We live in a fast-paced information age. The internet, TV, radio, emails, spam, text messages, robo-calls, and mass mailings inundate us every day. It is easy to get overwhelmed with information; unfortunately, so much of it is incorrect or downright misleading.

    I regularly see ads that say something like, “Seniors 70 or over get $100,000 worth of Life Insurance for as little as a dollar a day”. Simply stated, that is just ridiculous and totally false. The real price, at that age, for the cheapest Insurance product out there is much closer to $10 per day.

  2. Commission-hungry online or phone sales. I am appalled at some of the policies I run into while servicing my clients. The commission-focused agents just want to make a quick sale, get off the phone, and leave the customer with a horrible policy. I hear it every week from my new clients who can no longer afford their policy because the agent failed to tell them that their premiums would be going up.
  3. Your personal information should dictate what policy you choose. I absolutely never write an application on a client without asking a lot of questions—even with my existing clients.
  4. Health questions
  5. Purpose they wish to accomplish: Final Expense, Legacy for the family, Mortgage Protection, Funding a Business Buy/Sell Agreement
  6. What they can afford
  7. Their age

And then once we have established some of these basic factors, I will review their best options available, what they can qualify for, and with a plan that they can afford.

Caring for my clients, I think, is my greatest asset as a Servicing Agent. Secondly, I suppose, would be my understanding of the products that I offer. Without that knowledge I could not be able to aptly recommend the correct solution to my client. I hope to be able to help you. Call me.