I've been married to my wonderful bride for 32 years; we have 4 amazing children and 12 beautiful grandchildren. My Lord and my family are my building blocks in life.

My professional career has been as a multiple business owner, board member, marketing and sales specialist, and public speaker. I have literally trained tens of thousands of men and women in the principles of success in business. My early education was in Political Science and Law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

During my decades-long business career, I also served around the world as a Christian Minister. Areas of service have been evangelism, missions, radio, TV, pastoring churches, as well as being a published author. Serving others has always been my passion.

Before starting my own companies I was a Financial Planner. After retiring twice I decided I would not retire again, and I went back into Life Insurance sales. I enjoy helping families and businesses with their insurance needs. Protecting your loved ones or business partners is vital to everyone. I am able to help anyone in any state around our wonderful country.